BB made me stressed (and other lies I'm telling myself)

Sometimes even the best intentions can cause a fair bit of imbalance in your life. I'm a pretty great example of someone who can struggle to practice what he preaches... If you're after someone perfect then you're in the wrong place, we're certainly not going to pretend we don't go through the same struggles! I guess I've become a lot more self reflective and capable of pulling myself up when things get out of hand, but it doesn't mean we get it right all the time.

And that's where I am at today. I have never worked so hard in my life than I have in the last year putting BB together. Sometimes this has meant things have become a bit unbalanced, and the last three months in particular I haven't exactly been doing enough of the things I love which has meant some serious imbalance has crept in.

I mean it's Sunday, I've been up since 4:30am dealing with kids, moving, doing house work, putting our new BB change portal together, preparing offers for partners and this is the second article I've written... there's just so bloody much to do .... we have huge plans and I don't think we can afford to mess around and not get them done, because well, someone else will if we don't. It's as simple as that... which means I've been working 6 days quite regularly, 7 days a few weeks, and while it is fun and mentally I have been in a great place, it is starting to create some issues physically. On top of BB, I'm moving, parenting two beautiful kids and trying to be a husband but not very well. Actually very piss poorly and I recognise it.

The effect of imbalance

  • I've got some weird tension based nerve thing happening with my back and neck...basically a bulging disc caused largely by my bad working posture...

  • I've put on the weight I lost earlier this year. Falling into some bad eating and drinking habits has led to a terrible few months.

  • Sleep isn't happening as easily, waking up well before 5 most mornings thinking about everything I need to do.

  • I have been pretty difficult to handle at home, irritable and on edge.

So why would I share these things? Well many lawyers think they are uniquely placed when it comes to trying to find time and manage working too much, and frankly that is just not the case. Self reflection is the start to making anything better. Now you don't need to confess like me, but maybe you just need to be honest with yourself about what is going on if there are some physical issues starting to impact your life.

I'm also sharing as one of the key things about having a creative outlet is that it helps you deal with your problems, and simply writing this is putting things into perspective for me (thanks for being part of that!).

Now I could keep smashing it out, tell myself just get it done for the reward of an end of year holiday, but that is a stupid way to live your life...

So I'm doing something about it

Firstly, I'm going back to the gym. I have a neck injury and work, and then on top of everything else and I've basically dropped out of my gym habit. For the last three months I've barely graced the mats. I've also been super stressed and overworked, so I'm thinking there is a relationship there. Getting back to the dojo is not just about the physical, it's also about the social time and camaraderie I find with my training partners.

Secondly, I'm going to work from home two days a week over the school holidays. I'll start early, spend more time with my kids, and work a bit when they go to sleep. This way I get to hang out more with them a few times during the day.

Thirdly, I'm going to enjoy our new downsized apartment living. We very recently made the move to the inner city and away from the suburbs because we were sick of spending 2.5 hours a day commuting and missing family time. This has been very controversial within my family, but ultimately we think it will be for the good. Our new place has a few pools and a tennis court. I think my kids need to see their dad on the court rather than in the car.

Fourthly, I am starting to write again after a few months just focusing on product creation. Writing is such a massive stress relief for me and a big part of getting back on track.

Finally, I'm making 2018 all about health and wellness. This year was all about getting BB started, building relationships, learning, taking big risks, and coming up with something completely new. What it hasn't been though is positive for me physically, so that needs to go back to being a priority.

If you're sitting there and thinking, some of these things apply to me, maybe it's time to build and execute on a plan and start thinking right now about how you can make 2018 better.