Alice Fraser on Dramatic Career Changes, Comedy and Being Happy

Alice Fraser is an Australian comedian, writer, podcaster and actress, and perhaps somewhat surprisingly, ex-lawyer. In terms of being a lawyer, there are few careers that are further removed than being a comedian. And that’s exactly why we had to have Alice on Beyond Billables - we had to get to the bottom of her story that started in law school and ended in NYC comedy clubs.

After resigning from her job, Alice went to the US and began making waves in the New York comedy scene. She returned to Australia and, in 2013, she was nominated as best newcomer at the Sydney Comedy Festival. She went on to start a podcast, give TED talks and appear on the big screen. Our chat got pretty deep in terms of the philosophy of money, being happy and how to navigate some of life’s big questions.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus things like:

  • The trials and tribulations of having a personality that doesn’t fit with the law

  • The benefits of being raised by Buddhist parents

  • How failing at things can be healthy

  • The power of comedy to convey ideas and change minds

  • The sunk cost fallacy exposed

  • Why corporations have many similarities with sociopaths

  • The difference between an identity and personhood

  • Alice’s take on time vs. money

  • How to know you’re in the wrong career or job



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