What’s the purpose of your marketing? 

Should be a pretty easy question to answer right? Remarkably a lot of CEO’s and business leaders struggle to even articulate what they want, and that is a big problem. A lot of people get caught up with doing, which is no more than box-ticking, without really being clear on what they are doing it for, 

To make it easy, these are your only choices:

  • Get more leads
  • Grow brand equity and trust

That’s it. More leads, a better and more valuable brand, or both.

Leads = opportunities to make a sale. They are new contacts. They are people that signal an interest in your business. They are not yet sales.

Brand equity = the value of your brand over time. The only thing of long term value in a business is its brand. It literally multiplies the value if you want to sell it. Practically it is also critical in your BD and sales process as it increases your ability to both attract more customers and convert them.

Now we’ve broken that down, the key question to ask is what is most important for your business in the short, medium and long term? Answering these questions will go a long way to determining what you do, how much you invest, and when you do it. 

You see a lot of businesses get confused. They see social media and think “I need to be there”, without any plan on what to achieve. They generally confuse the purpose of the content they make, and the result that the content is going to give. In fact, many businesses never see the marketing machine and all it’s components (content, audience, offer) as working together. So they go off and do one thing, and fail to build the rest of the machine, and wonder why they get poor results. 

Knowing what you want to achieve, and when you want to achieve it, is therefore the very first step in creating any meaningful marketing machine. Without that context there is no way you can know what you need to make, where you need to post it, how often you need to make it, or what type of offer you need to make to attract people. 

Having run this agency for 18 months the biggest challenge I see is business owners who don’t understand the complexity of their own marketing machine. They can’t see how all the parts fit together. It’s hard enough for many of them to understand why they should make valuable content, let alone how it interacts with their BD or sales processes at different stages of the client purchasing process. 

But baby steps to start. Work out what you want, clearly, first. Put a time frame on those wants, and work backwards from that to develop a fully integrated plan for your content, branding, marketing, business development and sales. Ultimately it’s your business. 


To help bridge the gap, we have a special consulting offer called CMO Sessions. We’ll come in at set intervals and consult with you or your team on all your marketing, branding and content questions. If your business has questions, needs a creative spark or is after some direction booking in a session is a great start.