Ok so I started this piece with 5 things businesses do wrong, and ended up having to cut it down to just 10 so it doesn’t become too long!! 

Right now, LinkedIn is THE BEST PLATFORM to reach an audience organically if you run a B2B business, or a business selling to professionals. The thing is, history is repeating itself like it did with Facebook 5 years ago and most businesses are completely asleep at the wheel. I do understand why though. LinkedIn was always a recruiting platform. I used it as a recruiter and paid for a recruiter licence for many years. It was all about career and all about jobs. This is no longer the case, much to the chagrin of the LinkedIn police who seem to really hate anything remotely interesting in their feed and feel personally slated by a social network actually being social. Putting them aside though, LinkedIn right now is where you need to be for attention that’s free. Having paid many hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years in ads and other things to simply get in front of potential clients, this FREE audience is incredibly valuable to me. But a free audience is still an important audience, and you need to do the right things to make the most of the good fortune you have to get in front of them without paying. 

So what are people messing up, and how can you fix it?

  1. No creativity
  2. Make self-focused content
  3. Not sending traffic off LI
  4. Not doing enough to leverage the free audience
  5. Not engaging with others
  6. Using poor imagery
  7. Not using video
  8. Don’t have a lead strategy 
  9. Not getting their team to share content
  10. Neglecting their company page