We've been featuring Instagram on . Lawyers are

These pages are all smack bang on brand, tell the story of the company and provide great insight into their service - all critical things if you want a great Insta account and to nail your marketing. A couple of them are clients of ours which we wanted to tell the world more about as well!! Sure it is cheeky but we're proud of how good they look!

They aren't all “lawyer” pages.. let's be honest, to get inspiration to dominate on Insta you want to look further than just law.

So here is our 13 pages you can't miss in all their glory!

  1. Mackaylawyers
  2. Bowd
  3. Bespokefamilylawyers
  4. Nest_legal
  5. garyvee
  6. Shawbunnerlegal
  7. GirlfridayIP