Updated for 2020! 

We love Instagram! It's crazy the amount of raised eyebrows I get when I tell people how powerful instagram is in our business and what an opportunity it is for theirs. It makes sense though. If you're BD hasn't progressed to circa 2006 and you aren't even writing great blog content, engaging with people on Instagram will seem incredibly different. So why do we love it? Because it is flexible, it let's you tell your personal and your brands story, and it let's you engage with people who are decision makers directly without all the fluff of Facebook or utter repetitive boringness (is that a word?!) of LinkedIn. But that's all words and the magic of Instagram is visual, so what better way to demonstrate that magic than by sharing our 10 #lit law profiles. There are lots of great one's out there (like we highlighted here) but we wanted to share some more to get everyone thinking about the possibilities for their profile.

Are they trying to always flog stuff? No. Are they always telling you what they know? No. Are they sharing “too much” personally.. not really! They are all true to their brands, give their target audience value, and leave them with an impression of what the business is about. Insta is not about SELL SELL SELL. It is about nailing your brand story and helping you communicate with your target audience in a personal, creative way.

Don't forget though that it is not a dumping ground for content. Insta is all about engagement and interaction. After all, it's a social network!