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If you’re a lawyer who’s stuck, or a law student who doesn’t want to be, this is for you.

The ebook is packed full of detail on some of the best options for anyone with a law degree that is looking to do something different from the “big law” path many people find themselves on. As well as a detailed overview of the alternative jobs we tell the stories of real people who have made the change (and made it successfully!).

  • 28 Varied Options (dolphin trainer isn’t one of them!!!)

  • Over 38 pages of information, stories and inspiration from the people who have made a the change.

  • Podcast links and further references to do a proper deep dive. Listen to over 20 hours of audio for free if you choose.

Want more details?

We’ve had over 30,000 lawyers around the world like you read our Alternative Careers for lawyers blog article, so we wanted to give everyone further insight and details on each of the options (and 5 more!).

We didn’t just stop with creating a list of 28 different career options beyond big law.. we wanted to give real insight into what the roles are like and people who have successfully made the move from law. Throughout the book we have referenced dozens of podcasts (QR codes included) so you can listen to the people themselves and make up your own mind.

From Journalist to academic, Project Management to Policy work, we cover over 25 different potential roles you can transition into if you are considering options outside of big law.

We hope you enjoy it, find it inspiring and make the change you are looking for to take your career forward.