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We help WKB Lawyers empower injured people and grow their new firm!

WKB Lawyers are passionate, client focused and dedicated to fight for their client’s rights.

Did you realise that most people have TPD Insurance, but most injured people aren’t even aware of it?? We are going to help WKB Lawyers educate the community and empower injured people to get the help they need.  

Warren Bennett is the Principal of WKB Lawyers, he is a very experienced TPD and Superannuation Lawyer who has previously worked in private practice and for big corporations for big Insurers. Warren has a critical advantage because he has worked on both sides of the fence and really understands both sides intimately.  

Warren has identified that the traditional law firm model is quickly becoming outdated, and has decided to start his own law firm, so his clients can benefit from a more cost-effective model.  

WKB Lawyers believe in providing the best customer service for their client’s, after all, we are very good at TPD claims and really know our stuff, but its customer service that counts. 

At Beyond Billables we are excited to join with Warren as he launches the new firm and work together to help him achieve every success.

Lookout for their new Instagram and Facebook content coming really soon!