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Our Team

We’re a team of business owners, marketers and creatives with a passion for helping our clients grow their business.

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Mike Bromley Team Photo

Michael Bromley

Mike lives and breathes professional services, marketing and business building. With an obsession for communication and personal connection Mike loves diving deep into our clients businesses and crafting strategies to help them grow. As our resident “big picture guy” Mike is great at visualising and communicating where our clients can take their business and helps them create strategies that best leverage their marketing, branding and business development efforts.

Before starting BB in 2017 Mike practiced as a lawyer at a top tier firm, was an international legal recruiter, and ran an international business. Having worked with the world’s largest firms for 12 years to grow their brands and attract great people Mike understands the high expectations of clients and what they need to do to differentiate themselves in competitive markets.

With Beyond Billables Mike gets to combine his passion for marketing and creativity with his extensive experience building standout brands. As a strong believer in the power of connection and collaboration, Mike is intent on helping clients grow their businesses while living their best lives.

[email protected] / 0414 340 104

Josie Bird Team Photo

Josie Bird

As our resident content and events superstar Josie is a big part of how we can make such great content for clients. Josie has significant experience working in law firms and for the last two years as part of the Legal Forecast. Josie has a particular passion for innovation and ideation which we are keen to foster. We can’t wait for 2019 when Josie will be a big part of our next wave of events.

[email protected]

Jes Hale Team Photo

Jes Hale

Jes is all about beautiful design and visual creation. She is our go to person for our clients design work and brings a fresh approach to help us create memorable brands. From captivating Instagram images to standout logos Jes helps us with all the visual elements that help our clients take their business to the next level.

[email protected]


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