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Free Brand + Marketing Health Check

Get over $1000 of value completely FREE for a strictly limited time.

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Does your brand and marketing build trust?

Let’s talk straight for second.

Not knowing whether your branding and marketing is on point, or whether you are being beaten by your competitors is unnecessary. Business is competitive, and if you’re not nailing your brand and messaging it might be a big reason why you aren’t attracting the right clients, closing the deals you want, or missing out on even being in the conversation.

Most business owners understand the importance of consistency and quality in their branding and marketing, especially in professional services. The problem is, most people don’t know if their branding is helping convert clients, or hindering them.

So we created a free brand + marketing health check to give you the insight and clarity you need.


Who is it for?

Each month we offer four completely free brand + marketing health checks to established professional services businesses committed to growth. We want to work with businesses with ambition and help them succeed.

We specialise in white collar professional services so your business will would likely fall into the legal, accounting, financial services, real estate, recruitment or consulting industries.


How does it work?

The process is simple:

  1. Fill out the questionnaire to start the process

  2. We’ll send you an email then let you know when we can do your health check.

  3. We conduct in depth research on your brand before our meeting.

  4. We meet (in person or over video) and go through a series of questions that will add the details we need.

  5. We’ll then deliver your free brand health check in about a week!


What do you get?

We know your time is valuable and there are plenty of people who could tell you halve truths and sugar coat things… that’s not us. As business owners ourselves we value expert feedback that is direct and actionable so the health check was designed to deliver:

  • Honest, straight up, no BS feedback on all your marketing and brand assets.

  • Clarity on how your branding and marketing is perceived.

  • An understanding of what your competitors are doing.

  • A detailed written report on your branding and marketing as it stands so you can see with clarity where you can improve.


What’s the catch?

There is none.

Obviously we offer strategy, branding and marketing services (check them out here) and we’ll let you know if there is scope to work with you when we deliver the report. The health check is intended for established business in growth mode. If you’re just starting out you might not have much to check, but we can discuss that over the phone as we help lots of businesses who are starting get their branding right from the get go. Just to be clear…

  • Yes, we want to make something valuable for you and build a relationship.

  • Yes, we promise complete honesty on your brand and marketing.

  • Yes, we will make you an offer of our help if we think you have a need.

We don’t do a hard sell, we just want to work with up and coming professional services firms that share our values but there is absolutely no cost or commitment beyond the health check!