Bowd are on a mission to empower lawyers and law firms. We’re 100% behind them.

What does opportunity mean to you in your career?

How do you juggle your drive to “get ahead”, with the reality of living the life you want?

At Bowd we’re realists. We know the juggle is tough. We also know that if we can empower both lawyers and firms with the right tools that it can become a lot easier for everyone.

Bowd is a brand new way for senior lawyers and law firms to work together.

We help law firms connect with lawyers on a flexible basis when they need them most. For lawyers, we give you access to outstanding firms and the chance to do the work you want on your terms. Most importantly, we put respect and value at the centre of all we do. That means better pay, better opportunities and better practices.

At Bowd our starting point is respect. For our profession, for our clients, and for the lawyers that make it all happen.

Read some of our recent blog posts to find out more about what we stand for:

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