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Stevie Ghiassi on Law Tech Innovation, Blockchain and the Future of the Industry

If anyone has got their hands on the crystal ball and can see what the industry is facing is our guest on this episode of Beyond Billables – Stevie Ghiassi. Technology change is coming thick and fast, and the law establishment is not immune, creating both exciting and scary times ahead for the law industry.

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Richard Punt on How Big Law Firms Are Evolving, Innovation Trends and the Mindset Needed for Future Success

Listen to this episode if you’re interested in taking control of your career and moving away from outdated models. Because doing so might not necessarily mean breaking from the big law establishment. In today’s episode of Beyond Billables, we’re talking with Richard Punt who clearly articulates why this might be the case. Richard is the CEO of Allen & Overy’s Peerpoint consulting platform, where he focuses on businesses development and international expansion…

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