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Networking - 6 Tips to Growing Profitable Referral Networks

Networking and making a concerted effort to connect and grow your professional network can all too often fall by the wayside especially as business and firm owners get busy. But the other big reason is many just don’t see the value of connection and the amazing short and long terms bottom line result it can lead to in your business…

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Emma Heuston - Author Tracksuit Economy - Practice Leader LegalVision

If there was ever a guest that shows us how to make the whole work and life thing work for you and not against you it's Emma Heuston. Lawyer, practice leader, author and speaker Emma is a leading figure in our industry providing crucial information about how to work flexibly and freely in the legal industry.

Emma is a the author of 'The Tracksuit Economy, How to work Effectively and Productively from Home'.

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The one question to ask yourself before starting your own practice

So many people want to start a business, or go out and start practices for themselves, but haven't asked themselves the most basic questions. It's absolutely critical that you are honest with yourself from the outset as to what is motivating you and what you want to achieve before going out and starting your own thing.

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8 #lit legal Instagram profiles for your scrolling pleasure!

We love Instagram! It's crazy the amount of raised eyebrows I get when I tell people how powerful instagram is in our business and what an opportunity it is for theirs. It makes sense though. If you're BD hasn't progressed to circa 2006 and you aren't even writing great blog content, engaging with people on instagram will seem incredibly different.

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Google for growth ✊ SEO & Google Ads are still a thing!

It is an absolute no brainer for firms to be taking advantage of Google to get more direct client work. If you aren't, you aren't leveraging everything you can from your legal marketing. Obviously for a lot of legal businesses a strong SEO and Google Ads strategy has been something people have leveraged for the last 10 years, but it is surprising that as a whole firm owners know so little about it still.

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Stevie Ghiassi on Law Tech Innovation, Blockchain and the Future of the Industry

If anyone has got their hands on the crystal ball and can see what the industry is facing is our guest on this episode of Beyond Billables – Stevie Ghiassi. Technology change is coming thick and fast, and the law establishment is not immune, creating both exciting and scary times ahead for the law industry.

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