Claudia Conley - Head of Talent Acquisition at Media Stable

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Claudia Conley is the head of Talent Acquisition for Media Stable and manages their Melbourne office. She loves all things communications and has a passion for hearing great yarns and meeting diverse Subject Matter Experts. Media Stable’s main purpose is to pitch said SME’s and their content to the media, so Claudia’s finger is always on the pulse of the latest breaks and happenings in the news cycle.

This is a fascinating interview covering the intersections between old and new media and we also dive into the nuts and bolts of how media companies choose guests and panel experts and the cross-over from old to new media with the impact of social media.

As the legal industry continues to be disrupted, marketing and thought leadership are becoming increasingly important for individuals and businesses that want to stand out. Branding and understanding the old and new media channels and how they work is key. We thank Claudia for coming on the show to talk us through this tricky and ever changing landscape.

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